Family sponsorship is a compassionate Canadian immigration program that allows Canadian citizens and permanent residents to sponsor their family members for permanent residence in Canada. Under this program, individuals can sponsor their spouses, common-law partners, dependent children, parents, and grandparents to join them in Canada. It’s a heartwarming way for families to reunite and build their lives together in the welcoming and diverse Canadian communities. Family sponsorship is a testament to Canada’s commitment to keeping families together and fostering strong family bonds among its residents.

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Canadian citizens and permanent residents can sponsor a foreign national partner—spouse, common-law, or conjugal—for permanent residency via Outland or Inland sponsorship. The process typically takes 12 months but may vary with case complexity. Correct and complete applications are crucial for faster processing, and open work permits enable eligible partners to work while awaiting a decision.

To be eligible for a visa through this program, both you and your foreign partner must demonstrate a genuine relationship that fits into one of these categories:

  • Spouse: you have a legal marriage.
  • Common-law partner: you cohabit with your partner in a relationship akin to marriage for at least 12 straight months.
  • Conjugal partner: you have maintained a continuous, serious relationship for at least 12 months but face considerable impediments to living together, such as cultural, religious, or immigration hurdles.


To apply for spousal, conjugal, or common-law sponsorship, the documents needed typically include proof of the relationship, which might consist of:

  • Joint property deeds or mortgage agreements.
  • Shared banking account statements.
  • Utility bills naming both partners.
  • Photocopies of government-issued identification for both individuals.
  • Joint car insurance policies.
  • Employment pay stubs or tax documents confirming the same residential address.

For common-law partnerships, the required documentation may include:

  • Birth certificates or adoption papers for any children shared with your common-law partner.
  • Photographs of both partners together, reflecting a conjugal relationship.
  • Evidence confirming cohabitation for a minimum of one year.


Costs Involved

Applying through spousal/common-law sponsorship costs about $1165 in government fees. This includes sponsorship fees, principal applicant processing fees, right of permanent residence fees and biometrics. Other costs an applicant may incur will be from police checks and medicals.

Work Requirments

Employment is not a prerequisite for sponsoring your spouse, conjugal, or common-law partner for Canadian residency. Spousal sponsorship differs from other programs in that it doesn't enforce a minimum income threshold. Nonetheless, sponsors must commit to an undertaking that guarantees they'll meet their partner's essential financial needs.

Processing Time

Sponsorship applications generally have a 12-month processing period. While this timeframe is standard, more complex situations or additional evidence requests may extend the duration. For expedited handling, the key is a correctly filed initial application. Eligible applicants may be able to apply for an open work permit upon receiving confirmation that a complete application has been received.


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No, unfortunately, our consult service does not include application reviewing. Instead, our consults are intended to provide you with initial advice and guidance on the immigration opportunities available to you.

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