The Power of a Personalized Immigration Application Submission

Beyond the required documents that the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) mandates for an immigration application, there exists an opportunity to make your case stand out through a personalized submission or letter. This document serves to highlight special circumstances or key points that you believe are critical to your immigration application’s success.

Crafting an Effective Submission

Think of this submission as an enhanced FAQ section, aiming to direct the officer’s attention to elements you find crucial. A strategic approach involves not just presenting facts but engaging the decision-maker on a more personal and empathetic level. Contrary to some applicants’ beliefs, immigration officers are not just faceless entities of a bureaucratic system; they are individuals capable of understanding and empathy.

Engaging the Officer: A Strategic Approach

Many applicants hesitate to connect on a personal level with immigration officers due to intimidation or a misunderstanding of the process. However, a narrative that resonates on a human level can significantly impact the officer’s perception and, ultimately, the decision-making process.

Case Studies: The Difference a Submission Letter Can Make to Your Application

Canada Visitor Visa Application: On applicant who on paper (widowed, retired, no family members around, limited income) screamed refusal. So we were proactive and used the fact that the invitation was coming from a Canadian military veteran to focus the visa officer on sympathy with the inviter, instead of focusing on the applicant. Visa approved.

The Crossroads of a Relationship: Another example is an application for a visa for a young Cambodian woman, engaged to a Canadian. Here we argued that the couple was at a crossroads in their relationship because she’d never lived in a place like, or with a climate like Canada. We argued that although IRCC’s job is not to facilitate relationships, neither should it stand in the way of an important life decision by negatively profiling the applicant. The visa was approved and the couple is married and living happily in Vancouver.

Maximizing Your Immigration Application’s Potential

An immigration officer is obligated to consider all submitted materials, including your personal submission letter. This additional narrative, if used effectively, can significantly enhance the appeal of your immigration application.


The inclusion of a well-thought-out submission letter in your immigration application is not merely an option but a strategic tool to highlight your unique circumstances, engage decision-makers on a personal level, and elevate your chances of approval. Leveraging professional guidance, like the expertise offered at Dr. Joe’s Immigration, can ensure that your application and its accompanying narrative are as compelling and persuasive as possible.

For those navigating the complexities of immigration, remember that your story matters and can indeed make a difference in the outcome of your application.